Gaya Korean Restaurant

You can find Gaya Korean Restaurant in Blue Bell, tucked away in its own parking lot along Skippack Pike. The ample parking and bright sign give way to marble flooring and deep, rich woods upon entering.

Gaya offers authentic Korean cuisine, specializing in Korean BBQ, as evident by the personal gas grills found on every table.

Deliciously marinated beef that you eat right off the grill, table-side service, and an array of side dishes and flavors is what you can expect when you dine at Gaya.

1002 Skippack Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422-1537
(215) 654-8900

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Rating: 3.1/5 (9 votes cast)
Gaya Korean Restaurant, 3.1 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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6 Reviews

  1. Ki, 6 years ago

    Definately the best reastaurant in Lansdale area.

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  2. Edward B., 6 years ago

    OK…. IF you go to a Korean Restaurant, and you dont have some sort of meal off the Barbeque, then you mine as well go to some place in China town as you are missing the experience. My GF and I had two beef items (B1 and B5) and they were great. You are given lettuce leaves along with 6 to 8 different sides to add to your meat. Wrap them up and enjoy. I cannot comment on the Sushi as the station is closed on Monday…. :-( Be advised. LOL

    Also good as they are open late (11:00pm)

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  3. Connie, 6 years ago

    The previous management team of Gaya attracted many people from everywhere. It USED to be known as the best Korean restaurant in the Philadelphia area until Gaya owners decided to change the management team. Since then, 85% of the staff quit (on their own accord) and some recipes have changed. Their mool naengmyun was one of their most popular dishes and it was also my favorite but when I went back to try it after the new management team changed it quickly became my least favorite place to go for naengmyun and the service didn’t help my dislike either. It took the servers 10 minutes to bring out banchan then another 10 to bring out rice. Firstly, rice isn’t really supposed to be served before the main dishes. My friend ordered the jaeyoobokeum and instead they gave her the meat portion. She asked them why because the last time she had been there she had ordered the same thing and got the dooboo and kimchi. They gave her such a hard time about adding the kimchi and dooboo. She asked for the rest of her meal but was told by the head server that it was a whole different meal and that the price was different. They wouldn’t even change her meal without charging her! The servers saw all of our sour faces and decided to change it for her for free. WORST SERVICE. Not going back unless I’m REALLY craving Korean food but then again my mom’s a better cook then their chef.

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  4. Connie, 6 years ago

    *than their chefs. (grammar correction)

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  5. John, 6 years ago

    I was very disappointed recently. The place has gone down hill and not what it used to be. The side dishes were mediocre at best and did not include the variety I received before. The service was not good. I definitely would not recommend this place for the price you are paying — approximately $25 for one serving of Korean BBQ beef ribs (minimum 2 required). Other Korean restaurants are a better deal.

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  6. John, 6 years ago

    Sorry — I meant to give it 2 stars in my earlier post.

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