Soopbin Korean Bar Upper Darby

Soopbin has been a mainstay in the Philadelphia Korean bar scene for quite some time now, with a long history of serving quality food, karaoke, and reasonably priced drinks. Today, Soopbin has transitioned quite impressively in to modern times. Renovated with sharp, modern styling and lighting and featuring a newly built bar, they’re just as relevant today as they were 10 years ago. Only difference is, now they offer all the modern amenities that today’s youth is looking for.

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Soopbin, 4.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings


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  1. phillyKtown, 6 years ago

    this place been around forever and it’s still one of my favorite late night spot.

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  2. Grace, 6 years ago

    always have someone keeping track of your orders bc if the owner knows you’re drunk, she takes advantage and beefs up your bill. the older crowds know this and stopped going there bc of this. food is good though. and their new renovation looks pretty nice.

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    • nikki, 6 years ago

      grace – yea, i’ve heard people say that the owner “over-charges” but i’m seriously baffled by this accusation. when customers are drunk, they can just as easily mistake how much they’ve had. and i also ask you to take into consideration that the soopbin owner -unlike many other korean bar owners- never drinks.. whose word is better to trust, the sober owner, or the drunk customers? …

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  3. Phillip Ro, 6 years ago

    who is “the older crowd”? Mistakes on bills happen on a regular basis at any/every resturant. Could have been a mistake? you forgot to mention that you work at a rival bar in philly. cant say if this was the case or not but just evening out the playing feild. also, at least ice is free at soopbin. where you said “you charge 2 bucks extra and said its not a bigger drink in terms of quanity”.

    Well, This has been my Go-to spot forever. Hands down, this place gives better service to its patrons than any other korean venue in philadelphia. My word may be a bit bias as I have frequented this place for YEARS and am a very happy customer. I kid you not, this place knows how to treat customers. if your looking for a $2.00 happy hour with cheap food and drinks this is not your best bet. (I love that she actually discourages that sort of crowd).

    For anyone who knows kkam jja tang (spicey patato beef stew)… Soopbin is home of the best kkam jja tang ive ever had.(honestly, ive only had better in KOREA!) i get chicken wings and that stew everytime. always hits the spot and I never leave there unsatisfied.

    Hope this review helps.

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    • stephanie, 6 years ago

      phillip ro,

      i totes agree with you. admittedly, soopbin is not the place to go for those looking for a cheap night out. in all honesty, however, it IS the place to frequent if you are looking for amazing service, great food, and high-quality bottle service. thanks for visiting, and cheers to future happy times at this great spot :) !

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  4. Bobby Kim, 6 years ago

    The owner does not add to the bill, I know that for a fact. Unless it was a mistake. You want to drink they have the best vibe. I just don’t like it anymore. But then again I really don’t like music city, now those people you need to watch out for.

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  5. Josh, 6 years ago

    Grace, you are right. I’ve been going to soopbin at least once every two weeks, but they always try to overcharge you especially if the owner thinks you are drunk. My friends always gets drunk, so i keep track of the bill and bottle counts. I have to talk my way through because they charged us extra $60 which is 4 extra bottles of soju ^^. I talked to the owner and i brought the waiter as a witness and she always says it was a mistake, which isn’t a surprise anymore because she does that everytime. It isn’t a cheap place to be but i love the food and drinks. Everything is really good, except the fact they try to jack your bill up , which i never fall for and never will. I AM ASIAN AND I KNOW HOW TO DO MATH.

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